How many lots can I create?

How long will the subdivision process take?

How do I start the process?

Green-title, Survey-strata, Built-strata subdivisions – which one is best for my development?

How much will it cost?

The subdivision process can be complex and daunting to the inexperienced land developer. There are many investment ‘gurus’ and self-proclaimed ‘project managers’ that hold out to be independent and client focused in the delivery of land and built form subdivisions.

In our experience working with clients who have gone down the path of engaging these individuals, what we have found is that many people are left more confused and overwhelmed about their subdivision project.

Getting Support For Your Subdivisions Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

The majority of our clients are first time property investors and land developers that have sought our expertise to guide them through the subdivision process.

Our small team of professional consultants will take the time to review your land development project and discuss all subdivision options with you and customise a delivery model which considers your budget, experience and personal circumstances.

The options for subdivision can include:

Green Title

A green title subdivision requires a complete and independent land title with no shared ownership. A green title subdivision must have completely separate services; that means that sewer, water, power must be absolutely independent and cannot be shared. No common property can be created by a green title subdivision. Consent from the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) or better known as a Conditional Approval to Subdivide is required to be obtained as part of the green title subdivision process.

Built Strata

Built strata subdivisions are lots that are defined with reference to buildings. The buildings must be 100% completed prior to titles being issued. Built strata subdivisions have the advantage of not requiring WAPC consent (under certain circumstances) and titles can be obtained for multi-tier developments (developments that have multiple levels such as high rise units) Built strata subdivisions can also have a share in common property.

If you have an existing single tier built-strata development that was registered with Landgate prior to 1998, there is a simple, fast and cost effective method to convert your built-strata or strata development to survey-strata.

By converting to a survey-strata title the following advantages may be realised:

  1. The land component of the strata takes precedent and is now part of your survey-strata title – in lieu of being common property and/or exclusive use prior to conversion;
  2. You have more control over what further development can occur on your strata title – subject to local building and planning by-laws, and
  3. You may realise a capital appreciation of your strata title*

*this advice is given in good faith and general in nature. Each individual should seek professional advice specific to there particular circumstances from a licensed valuer or real estate professional before acting on this advice.

Survey Strata

Survey strata subdivision have grown in popularity over the last 10 years. Survey strata subdivisions can create vacant lots with or without a share in common property. More often than not, Survey strata subdivisions are the preferred option as related to green title as the total costs to subdivide are significantly lower as there are less onerous servicing requirements. Consent from the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission) or better known as a Conditional Approval to Subdivide is required to be obtained as part of the Survey-strata subdivision process.

Survey Strata Conversions

If an existing strata scheme was registered before 1st January 1998, there exists a mechanism to convert the old strata scheme whose title boundaries relate to buildings, to the newer survey strata scheme. This process is a quick and cost effective way to resolve many of the issues inherent with old strata titles. The buildings are ignored and all or part of common property land can be absorbed into the new survey strata lots. Consent is required from all parties holding an interest in the strata lots.

Strata companies that wish to investigate further the survey-strata conversion process are encouraged to contact us and speak to one of our Licensed Surveyors and request an obligation free quote.

We are independent and client focused in our approach. We provide our clients with all facets of surveying, project management and town planning services. We tell our clients what they need to hear not what they want to hear.

Our teams experience has found that a ‘one size fits all’ level of service does not equate to service excellence.

If you have any questions of queries regarding the subdivision process be sure to give us a call and one of our friendly and experienced consultants will be happy to answer your questions. Alternatively contact us for an obligation free quote.