Understanding Boundary Repeg issues can be a real challenge that raises more questions than answers

Where are my boundaries?

How close can I build to an existing fence?

My neighbour removed the old fence and put the new fence up in a different location… is it in the correct location?

Is the retaining wall on my boundary – whose responsible for repairs to the wall?

The location of property boundaries is critical to the use and enjoyment of your land. Don’t risk replacing a fence or building a new house or extension until you know exactly where your property boundaries are.

A boundary or re-peg survey is a fraction of the total cost of constructing a fence or retaining wall. It is less than 1% of the total cost of building a standard residential dwelling.

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So, why would you take the risk with not using a Licensed Surveyor to determine your property boundaries before you start your project?

In Western Australia only a Licensed Surveyor with a current practising certificate is authorised to legally define your property boundaries.

If you use a person that is not a certified Licensed Surveyor with a current practising certificate (as noted on the public register) then that person is liable for a $10,000 fine and your survey will have no legal status if there is a boundary dispute in the future.

Our Licensed Surveyors have worked across numerous sectors with a combined experience of over 25 years. We have seen and addressed almost every boundary issue…

The Department of Commerce has a great step by step guide to deal with rights, responsibilities and how to deal with disputes associated with dividing boundary fences.

Please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for further information on boundary and re-peg surveys.

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If you have any additional questions of queries regarding boundary repeg surveys be sure to give us a call or contact us for an obligation free quote.