There has recently been a change in the Zoning and Town Planning within the City of Rockingham.  These changes mean that, as a land owner, you are potentially in a very valuable position right now and able to capitalise on the value of your land in new ways not seen in and around this area.  You can read more about the changes here.

As specialist Surveyors in the Rockingham area we are keen to work with you to help you to unlock the value in your land.  Rockingham and local suburbs including Medina, Baldivis, Cockburn, Coogee, Kwinana, Safety Bay, Shoalwater, Waikiki, Port Kennedy, Calista, Parmelia and surrounds form an area of Perth’s southern suburbs that is becoming more and more popular for families.

With relatively close proximity to the beach, the freeway, Fremantle and good schools and amenities in and around the area, people are considering these suburbs and surrounding areas for family living and commercial enterprises.

If you’ve considered subdivision or land development in any way but you have more questions than answers the Surveyors Rockingham team are ideally positioned to guide you in the right direction.

Not sure what to do or how to start your land development project in Western Australia?

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At ‘Surveyors Rockingham’ We Help You Unlock The Value In Your Land

We often have conversations with people about land subdivision and many times people want to know why they would subdivide their land.  As specialists in helping you unlock the value in your land, our team of professional licensed surveyors have a few ways we respond to questions about the common reasons for subdivisions.

Why would you consider subdividing your land?

  1. You can capitalise on the value of your land and potentially make money from the sale of your subdivision
  2. You may want to downsize and reduce the cost of maintaining a bigger block.  This frees up time and cash flow so you can focus on the other things important to you
  3. Subdivision can allow you to create greater financial security which provides you with freedom in the future
  4. Subdividing may give you the opportunity to build a newer residence and sell your original property which in turn gives you a chance to build something ideal for your lifestyle now.  We find this is particularly important for families who are either growing as children get bigger and additional family members come along, or getting smaller as the grown children leave home

If you are considering subdivision or want to know how to better capitalise on the value of your land then we’d love to hear from you.  Click on the links below for more specific information about some of our core services or contact us for more information and a no obligation, free quote.

If you are genuine about learning more about the hidden value in your land then we are definitely keen to talk with you and help you understand it’s full potential.   As specialist Land Surveyors, Surveyors Rockingham know your area and want to see your project become a success.

Contour & Feature Surveys


Have you purchased vacant land and intend building your dream house?

Are you planning to do renovations to an existing house?

Are you about to submit an application seeking consent to subdivide?

Are you intending to build two or more units on a site for investment purposes?


New residential development plots of land

How many lots can I create?

How long will the subdivision process take?

How do I start the subdivision process?

Green-title, Survey-strata, Built-strata subdivisions – which one is best for my development?

How much will it cost to subdivide my land?

Boundary Repeg


Where are my boundaries?

How close can I build to an existing fence?

My neighbour removed the old fence and put the new fence up in a different location… is it in the correct location?

Is the retaining wall on my boundary – whose responsible for repairs to the wall?

Hear From Others About Their Experience With Surveyors Rockingham

From my first contact with Total Project Consultants I knew I had made the right choice.We were on a tight time frame with a difficult survey strata conversion.Thanks to the extra efforts professionalism and efficiency of Shane and his team we managed to finish on time.  Well done guys – much appreciated.
Lynn and Ed, Ardross
Found TPC excellent on pricing and prompt service. My experience with them was perfect for my requirements. I would recommend to anyone that requires a licensed surveyor , they provided me with professional service and I am well please with the end result.
Laurens. Darlington
We approached TPC to carry out site surveys on our home property for future extensions, and we were thrilled with the quality of customer service we received.TPC had their quote in my ‘inbox’ within 20 minutes of my talking to them, which was a major factor in our choosing TPC, as other companies took 3 days.The level of interest in our project outside of the surveys was highly useful and appreciated and the surveyor was professional, respectful and friendly at all times.All this for a very reasonable cost. I would thoroughly recommend this Company with a 5 star rating.
Kate. Willetton
A difficult process made easier with the friendly advice and knowledge given by Total Project Consultants. Thanks again Shane for all your kind assistance…..more than happy to pass on your details to those wanting to subdivide.
Darlene. O’Connor
We found Total Project Consultants to be invaluable in their dealings with the day to day issues that occurred as we progressed from having our investment house demolished, the land cleared and block subdivided ready for sale. They dealt with many issues from councils, sub-contractors and unforeseen issues. They were in constant contact with recommendations and what was to occur on a weekly basis. They were very professional and took a lot of the burden off our shoulders to get the job done. Very happy with their work and would readily recommend them to others.
Marilyn & Adrian. Hilton